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Cadillac Jacks Cafe & Pink Motel: Retro Movie Set & Props
Cadillac-Jacks has everything you will need for a scene set in the 50s or 60s. 
There is a fully functional diner, several restored cars and a 50s motel.

Cadillac Jacks & Pink Motel at nightCadillac Jacks Cafe is fully dressed and has one Rockola juke box, a full kitchen, counter seating as well as several booths with juke box access. Outside, the diner is decorated with era-specific neon lighting. There is also an outside car hop.  We have approximately 28 fully restored and functional classic 50s and 60s vehicles for your use as well.  Click here to see more pictures of Cadillac Jacks Cafe.

The Pink Motel has seven rooms which have been professionally designed and customized to recreate the 50s and 60s era.  In addition, we permit complete remodeling of any of the rooms to fit your specific needs.  Click here to see more pictures of the Pink Motel.

Give us a call to schedule your shoot.

Tonya: (818) 767-3605

1954 Chevy Classic CarClassic Cars
We have 28 fully restored and functional classic 50s and 60s vehicles for your use.  A small sampling of these vehicles are shown on this site.


Junk YardThe Junk Yard has several 50s/60s cars and is authentic to the era.  In addition, our clients have updated the junk yard with vehicles of their own.  The entire junk yard can be modified to suit your changing needs.  Click here to see more pictures of the Junk Yard.

The Swimming Pool is typical of the 50s/60s era.  It is shaped like a fish and surrounded by palm trees. It has a wide deck and can be filled, or empty, to suit your needs. In addition, we have a variety of 50s/60s era pool furniture for your use. It is extremely popular among the skateboard community.

Customizable Set
The entire property can be customized to suit your needs.  In the past, we have had entire rooms opened and extended or modified to accommodate a variety of camera angles and other needs.Pink Motel filming

In all likelihood, you have seen the Pink Motel or Cadillac Jacks Cafe in any of several movies and TV programs.  The Pink Motel and Cadillac Jacks Cafe have been used in hundreds of films over the past 25 years.

                                Filming of Dexter, Season 8


For booking information, contact:
Phone Tonya (818) 767-3605
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